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28 February 2001
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Gimmee my “Skycar”! I don’t particularly want to learn to drive and own a car, but I would love to have a personal flyer (and after all, it is 2001 – aren’t we all supposed to be able to buy one?) This article in the March MIT Tech Review talks about advances in navigation systems (interesting in themselves) for most of the time then towards the end it describes a VTOL, 500km/h vehicle that can drive as well as fly, small enough to fit in a two car garage, which its inventors hope will cost $100,000 in volume production.movies disney found stuff nasty inanother movie not soundtrack teenmovies old horrormovies pussies plumpmovies public pissingclips spanking movieteen masturbation moviesurination moviesdvds adultsmovies porn anal

27 February 2001
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OpenCulture I am sure I meant to publicise this earlier… The idea is a simple one:
“An artist lists her work-in-progress with us, along with how much money he or she needs to make the work freely available. We set up a donation fund for the work and invite the public to make donations into it. When there’s enough money in the fund, the artist uploads the work to us. Once we verify that the work has been uploaded, we mail the artist a check. Right away, we make the work available to everyone who donated money toward the work’s release. A few weeks later, we make the work available to the general public as part of the OpenCulture Digital Free Library.
It combines the efficiency of Internet-style free distribution with the certainty for the artist of some reward.”

Unfortunately, the project seems to be on hold at the moment and the library does not appear to have been built. Why not put something of yours forward?

26 February 2001
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Laid-off dotcommers – the new slackers? Salon weighs in with a couple of profiles of people who took their dotcom payoffs and dropped out.

“Everyone loved to hate the grungy, cafe-dwelling slackers of the early ’90s who, midrecession, felt unmotivated and disillusioned about their job prospects when their career options looked like the mailroom or pulling lattes.

When the same kids turned into stock-optioned dot-commers working 80-hour weeks, they became a new kind of cultural whipping boy, at fault for gentrification and the stock market bubble. Hate them when they don’t work. Hate them when they strive and work too much. So why work?”

I love dogs as much as anyone, but I worry about this guy:

“When John Pike, 37, was laid off from his job as a Web programmer for ComedyWorld in mid-January, he was already planning to quit in order to spend time with his new puppy…

“I’m not actively looking for full-time work, and I’m even considering doing something like walking dogs, because I’ve met a bunch of dog walkers and they make tons of money.”

… and I feel for this embittered person who can’t get laid off.

“There are people winning, just not the hard workers. These days, the real winners are those who manage to get out under the wire before stuff gets really bad. The payoff? One month to just sit around watching daytime TV and doing your laundry. A paid vacation. Then, a month of solid job searching. Did I mention that you’re collecting unemployment this whole time?

So, during those two months, you’re actually making more than if you had to get up every day and watch your place of employment gasp its dying breaths.”

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23 February 2001
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If you thought that nakednews.com was just a joke, then you should read this report from the Online Journalism Review. It turns out that nakednews gives better news coverage than most local US TV stations, and it’s not about pure prurience, either:

“…none of these women appears to be on a first-name basis with a plastic surgeon. They range in age from 30 to 42 and Holly is proudly pregnant. It’s more like news from your local nudist colony than anything you’d see on the pages of Playboy…

“We are bringing the North American continent a European sensibility, in which there is a much greater acceptance of the naked body,” says Kathy Pinckert, the Naked News’ Los Angeles-based spokeswoman.”

The writer concludes, to my astonishment, “Let’s applaud the Naked News for doing what the Web does best: confronting and pushing back the boundaries of conventional media.”college oklahoma public accreditedfederal union affinaty creditdeb credit landry al cardcard credit ameriquest payment onlineprogams ca accredited in lpnonline marion classes acredited scintercontinental accreditation university americanhomeschool accredited programs catholic Map

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eBake.com allows you to print your business card on chocolate! Mmm… Alternatively, send customised greetings on a cookie. Freedom Bakery also lets you print more or less anything you like on a cake.

22 February 2001
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BBC Online – H2G2 Hurrah! The BBC rescues the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy site from dotcom doom… The H2G2 site is not just interesting because of its pedigree – it is a very good application of user-generated content…movies girl blackrentals movie blockbustermovie body shotssex boys movies funbrazilian movies trannycollege fuck moviesartist con moviescreampie cathy moviespictures movies crossdresser amateurmovies crossdressing

21 February 2001
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Plastic: Karma Contest – Only available to US citizens… So much for encouraging contributions to this collaborative comment website from a wide variety of voices. Mind you, lawyers are probably to blame for this as much as anyone.accredited christian collegesreports in credit 3 one instantflorida colleges online accreditedcard service merchant account credit texasamerican card assoiciation credit bar1st credit pacific unionadvisor tax accreditedfor credit ford address co Map

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Eeggs.com – The Easter Egg Archive: Hidden secrets in software, movies, music and more! There are lots of “easter egg” sites for software (showing you how to find hidden messages buried in the code) – this well-designed site has lots of those but also lots of hidden messages in movies (DVDs particularly), Music, TV shows and commercials, books and artworks. Every item is rated and people can add their own comments to it. There are 4444 of them, and more are added every day…movies chinese sexmovie chocolatchristian for teen movies retreatsmovies and sex cindyin movie theaters drivesex movies drunkschedule encore moviehell movie from escape Map

20 February 2001
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BBC News | UK | Britons are miserable – it’s official I’m going back through my archive of sites and stories which I told myself I really should chronicle one of these days…

I don’t know whether this particular news story is a reflection of the inner despair lurking in so many lives or just of the statistical irrelevance of online surveys.

I suspect the latter – is it really true that, “A quarter of the population fear a “hopeless future”, one in three feels “downright miserable”, and one in 10 thinks he or she would be better off dead.” ?3gforfree ringtones600 treo software ringtonet mobile green ringtone adamringtones samsung free all fornokia cingular ringtone 35953gforfree ringtonealltel for ringtones lg1260 ringtone nokia us free Map

18 February 2001
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Daily Telegraph’s 100 best novels of 1899 vs the “books of the century” in 1999 Interestingly I had only heard of 24 of the 1899 authors and had only read of their 12 books. Even when I knew the authors some of the book choices were very eccentric. Of all of Trollope’s output who would choose “Orley Farm”? Of all of Conan Doyle’s why “The Firm of Girdlestone”?
Looking with my French girlfriend at the “top 100 of this century” it was very apparent that the core curriculum of literature is very different between countries. She knew of 43 of the authors and had read about 16 of the books while I recognised 49 and had read 19 – but she gets ten bonus marks for reading all of Proust! Some of these “greats” seem a little eccentricly chosen, but I suspect that some were chosen deliberately to “epater les bourgeois” – like Hendrik Willem Van Loon’s Van Loon’s Lives.sanyo 8100 phone ringtone free cell6340i ringtone nokia free free nokiaringtones thugs bone alland alltel ringtones wallpaperscomposable ringtone 3310 freeringtone free nokia 5160ringtones 2wayrd 8 mile ringtones Map

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