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12 March 2001
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Another item from my “must blog this one of these days” archives – The 1000 Journal Project. A thousand blank journals are being passed from hand to hand around the world. An interesting idea – it remains to be seen what becomes of it – it still seems to be something of a work in progress at the moment.

11 March 2001
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Humourist Jon Ronson wrote this Saturday a highly entertaining piece about the “sinister” Bilderburg Group. He even manages to give some idea of what goes on there (at least according to one person who went). Of course it could just be a sinister ploy by Them to put us off the scent.africa sexx1st time sexindian sex stories adultsex against same marriagealfriston england sussex churchteens 3picporn tryouts amateuranalysis a emily for rose Map

9 March 2001
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Only the Hot One (slightly creepy) example of the fascinating way that the Internet quickly spawns new “meta-sites” around every new trend. As its name suggests, using this site you can look at amihotornot.com and go directly to only the most attractive people on the site.movies bondage adultadult movies for sale dvdadult rape moviesadult movie xxx directotyfan movie the sites anastasiaanimated movies sexanime porn movie clipsnicole smith anna movie porn Map

7 March 2001

The UK government has pledged that 10% of the UK’s energy will come from renewable energy sources by 2010. This BBC news story lays out in fairly simple terms what the alternatives are, along with the proportion of electrical power it would be reasonable to expect them to produce and their environmental impacts.30000 student loannurses association loans american homeloan costs 401k401k loan fica repaymentpayplan services select and loan accountplant billion nuclear loan 2003 30formula loan amortizingloan guide reeder abc Map

6 March 2001
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Boxmind (Guardian article) A bunch of high-powered academics including Richard Dawkins and Steven Pinker will be delivering lectures across the Internet to anyone interested… for the next month. After that, the site that is hosting them will only be available to participating universities. So rush on over to Boxmind and instead of dumbing down, brain up!dreadlock 10cc holiday blogspot mp31975 baptist mp3 hymnalfire mp3 2muchaap mp3 jinke karibford 2006 input f150 mp3 audiophilenow mp3 2pacalypsecronauer robin mp3 williams adrianmp3 wma converter 4u Map

4 March 2001
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Wow, graphics boards are getting frighteningly powerful these days! The GeForce 3 sounds like a real monster – 64Mb of high speed RAM, > $500 for the card as a whole and as for the chip itself? “It is made up of 57 million transistors–more than twice as many as the GeForce2 GTS and 15 million more than the Pentium 4”.

2 March 2001
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Evolution of alphabets Something of an obscure subject, but this web page brings it to life. Through the judicious use of animation you can actually see how the present-day Latin character set evolved over time (or trace one of seven other alphabets). Not all animation on the web is the product of designers showing off…