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24 April 2001
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FT.com UK Gov’t rules out 3G handout – And a good thing too. Regrettable as it is that the telcos didn’t get their sums right I don’t see why money that could go to hospitals or schools should go instead to bailing them out of trouble!

22 April 2001
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“So Clippy [Microsoft’s soon-to-be-obsolete interrupting paperclip] shows up at the Pearly Gates. Does he wait in line like everybody else? No. He goes and looks over St. Peter’s shoulder for a few seconds, then says something like “It looks like you’re trying to tabulate this person’s good and bad deeds …” – Thomas G. Digby

20 April 2001
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Three articles on how libraries microfilm newspapers (incompletely) then throw them away (unneccessarily).
Two are reviews of a book by Nicholson Baker on the subject:
New York Times
New York Review of Books

A NYT reporter also did some research of her own in an accompanying piece.

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19 April 2001
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Douglas Rushkoff I don’t normally have a lot of time for him and he does over-state his case rather, but this time he really has a point. Sites aimed at WAP users are simple text and fast to load and these are virtues that those sites’ owners would do well to remember.

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BBC News – Workers lose three hours to net something of a sensationalist study – this is to say they spend more than three hours a week surfing the net, almost half of them admiting to some personal use. But if it is done in break time (and considering that most of them will be putting in unpaid overtime) where is the harm?

The piece notes, “UK employers were five times more likely to reprimand staff for inappropriate use of the internet than in many other European countries.” Ouch!

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BBC News – Drugs firms drop Aids case The big pharmaceutical companies have caved in and decided not to prevent South Africa from importing inexpensive drugs to alleviate AIDS…

18 April 2001
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16 April 2001
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BBC News – Free digital access for chosen areas The UK government is about to try to see what happens when the era of ubiquitous digital TV access arrives.

15 April 2001
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Break on through to the other side – This simple script will show you on a map exactly where you would end up if you drilled straight down through the earth and came out the other side. Amusing (if useless).

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