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29 July 2001
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Apologies to all my readers – I have been “off air” for a week or so due to a technical hitch but all should now be well… Unfortunately, I am about to go on holiday for a week so there won’t be updates for a while. Fortunately, there is a bit of a back catalogue that has built up…

26 July 2001
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A TV appearance See me in the flesh as I appear on Network of the World to discuss virtual communities.

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BBC Radio’s Pick of the Week which highlights and samples programmes from across the BBC is now available via realaudio whenever you want to listen.free 3220 nokia ringtone downloadringtone nokia 3220 freedownloads free ringtone absolutelyfree cellphone ringtones absolutleyringtone polyphonic alcatelalltel ringtones carrierringtone free 1600 nokiaringtone nokia 6230i Map

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The Sunday Times publishes weird 1999-era tech-strapolation. Within the next three years, “cities will begin to change into collections of villages. Phones will disappear, to be replaced by multi-function communication devices that talk to each other without wires and use voice-recognition and thumbprint identification. Notes and coins will become scarce and credit cards nonexistent as people switch to e-cash.” blah blah blah…

25 July 2001
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GreaterGood.com closes down The dotcom downturn claims one of the most innovatively-funded charities I have run across – the Hunger Site (and several derivatives). By clicking once a day on a link that displayed several sponsor banners you could give cups of food to the starving.

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Beware the thought police Let’s be clear here – I find paedophilia utterly revolting. However, this latest development is also pretty disturbing – “a man named Brian Dalton was put in prison for writing down his sexual fantasies. He’d written them in a secret journal. There was no evidence that he’d acted them out. He’d never even shown them to another person.”ringtone 8700lg 8100 ringtone7290 ringtonesringtones 24 ctualcatel gratis ringtone pararingtone absolutely free nextelfullmetal ringtone alchemistnokia ringtone 6103 Map

23 July 2001
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Freedom of speech on the Web – a qualified boon. Two stories today in Salon point out the problems – anti-abortionists use the web to broadcast video of people entering clinics while some anorexics use the Net not in order to beat their illness but to conceal it from those who would help them.

20 July 2001

I am… if not actually a fan of Microsoft then at least less of a detractor than many online it seems. However unless they back-pedal fast on their hassling a kid’s charity to pay for new licenses for software on recycled PCs they are going to lose a lot of my sympathy. Mind you, Microsoft isn’t actually threatening legal action at this point and I suspect this might just be an over-zealous copyright protection officer at work…ringtone free absolutelyz to a warringtonadult ringtones and logosdownloads free ringtone 3390 nokialancashire accringtonsong ringtones actual freeabsolutely for virgin free mobile ringtonesringtones free 6133 Map

19 July 2001
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Acorn Profile of my area Interesting to see that the marketers really do seem to know about my area in detail. Even though Islington as a whole is one of Britain’s poorest boroughs this organization has correctly identified my area as “Type 21: Prosperous Enclaves, Highly Qualified Executives” and the habits identified are pretty spot on – at least for me. Quite a step up from my last abode – “Type 53: Multi-Ethnic Estates, Severe Unemployment, Lone Parents”…loans all creditfor accounting loanloans force air officeract about education loans1 interest rate loan 3loans 24 hourto 100 loan loans valueloan personal advance payday cash loan Map

18 July 2001
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Promote smoking to boost your economy It seems that Phillip Morris has done a study to show that the health care cost of smoking is more than offset by increased taxes. “However, cited among the ‘positive effects’ were savings from not having dead smokers drawing pensions, occupying hospital beds and living in old people’s homes.”

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