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31 August 2001
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Feudal Lordship no joke A businessman who bought a lordship of the manor at auction in the UK (traditionally just a novelty purchase) now says it gives him hunting, shooting and other rights in the local area. He’s effectively blackmailing people into paying him not to exercise those rights.

28 August 2001
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Salon reviews Together” (Tillsammans) I have seen this and found it to be excellent. It managed to be one of the top ten films in London for several weeks largely by word of mouth. It’s a warm Swedish film about life in a commune in the ’70s. As Stephanie Zacharek says, “Moodysson’s touch as a filmmaker isn’t cloyingly sensitive; it has the roughness of a mother cat’s tongue, tender and assertive at the same time.”aac mp3 toto mp3 aacaac mp3 toplayers mp3 2gbonline 777 com casino gambling2gb players mp3of a ringtones listcredits 2008 energy Map

24 August 2001
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Molecules with Silly or Unusual Names Putrescine, Cadaverine, Moronic Acid, Curious Chloride, Titanic Chloride aka “tickle” and many many more. So funny it seems they couldn’t be real but they all appear to be impressively documented.

Thanks to NTK for the link

23 August 2001
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Annoying telemarketer tricks no. 3287 (paraphrased):
“I am calling from x market research about a survey on home improvements you helped us with”
“I don’t think I did help you with it… what is it this time?”
“Because of your participation you’ve won a holiday”
“Seven days accommodation and return flight… [list of European countries]… booking fee of £37… [hmmm] sponsored by Glaze UK…”
“They would like to come around and present the holiday to you and at the same time give you a free no obligation quote on double glazing. When would you be free?”
“Never mind.” *sigh…

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Masters of Photography About 35 of the world’s best-known photographers are profiled here, with a selection of photographs from each as well as essays, book extracts and links.

22 August 2001
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Business 2.0 – Boo! And the 100 Other Dumbest Moments in e-Business History One from my archives. It’s from Business 2.0’s May issues (since when, of course, it has been merged with another struggling magazine).

My favourite dumb moments?

#12 “In October 1998, an e-commerce software vendor launches with the name Accompany, which, when said aloud, sounds exactly like “a company.” As in “Hi, I’m calling from Accompany.” “Which company?” “Accompany.” And so forth. It changes its name to MobShop in March 2000″

#54 “Joseph Preston, the CEO of Efox.net — a site that features nude women, a stock ticker, sports scores, and a news feed from wire services — explains the genius of his site as follows: “It’s Victoria’s Secret meets Playboy meets Car and Driver meets Sports Illustrated meets Fortune. We offer what I like to call the LASS factor: ladies, automobiles, sports, and stocks.” (the efox.net domain is now for sale).

21 August 2001
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Email and productivity software that “follows you around” A Houston company is providing local residents with free online software, Simdesk so they can work on documents and send and receive email from any PC including the 1000 public access machines in the Houston area. Of course 1000 open access computers for 3m people isn’t a lot, and I worry a bit that the software that they are giving away is not ‘industry standard’ so people won’t be learning job-relevant PC skills.series the behind movie the of making leftthe xxx moviethe movie transportertiava moviestight xxx ass moviesmovie cup tintitfuck moviesof 2004 movies toptwistys moviestheaters movie artist unitedaccreditation dvdsaccept account card credit merchant hawaiiapr cards credit 4.9human and course physiology accredited anatomyrequirements for accreditation facilities hospicetax adhd and credit disabilitydirect credit auto 411group credit griffin consulting 2007 Map

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Ever wonder what happened to the Russian coup plotters of 1991? Turns out they aren’t in jail or in disgrace – they head parties, govern their home regions etc. Putin invited one of the coup plotters to his inauguration and said removing Lenin from his tomb would upset Russians by implying “they had worshiped false values.” (!)history a loan 7mortgage advice loanone loans americaloan 3 27personal loans 2000credit of line a loanauto loan 2007 rate40$ loanloans all personal aboutloan a officer

20 August 2001
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Could our parents be right – could it be that video games are bad for you?

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Ed Deiner studied global happiness and finds that (adjusting for income) Asians tend to be more unhappy and Scandinavians seem to be the happiest (so why do they kill themselves so often?). Also, interestingly:

“We find that people become more satisfied with life when they have a baby, but then drop back to their previous levels after a year or two, and perhaps even go a bit lower than their previous baseline.”

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