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30 September 2001
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As airport and other security gets increased attention we are likely to hear a lot more about biometric technology like fingerprint and iris scans. I had hitherto been quite enthusiastic about using these until I read a cogent forwarded email analysis of their usefulness and drawbacks by a man who has worked in the security industry for several years (republished by permission).

27 September 2001
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While on the theme of laughter – one of my favourite musical moments in film – “Camelot”, the Monty Python version. And with a twist – the whole thing is performed with wondrous precision by Lego figures! It gets better – it appears away from the official Lego site some nutty Japanese person has tried to stage several scenes from the movie using Lego.levitra viagra 2comparexanax vodka adavan2bviagraamoxi 2 viagra freeviagra buy 4images powered3.98 tablet xanax2737 wetrack viagra zyban it amerimedrxxanax 3.32 online prescription Map

26 September 2001
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I asked earlier how humourists can deal with the 9-11 disasters – to their credit, the creators of The Onion provide the answer. To my mind their entire Sep 26th issue is excellent, providing just the right balance of anger, outrage, pathos and laughs. From US Vows to Defeat Whoever It Is We’re At War With to God Angrily Clarifies ‘Don’t Kill’ Rule, whose ending unaccountably nearly made me cry.

25 September 2001
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Email petitions? Just say no – a campaigner explains why the petitions you often see circulated are at best worthless and at worst a waste of a lot of people’s time. He also suggests what other things you might do which would have more effect.loan a title hassle freeloan million 50louisville ky loan actionloans $5000.00loan 80-20ltv commercial loans 100for amortization loan studentpayday loan no bad credit $1000mortgage home loan americanremortgages adverse credit loan mortgageloan fha 9classic loan auto adebt loan consolidation texas aloan faxing account no paydayloan adebt nonsecured consolidationrate country loan home adjustableinternational loan adoptioncash loan online advance day pay Map

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Coming war threatens to split the left (according to the no-doubt-gloating New Republic).

As you can probably tell, I am apprehensive about the consequences should the US simply bomb Afghanistan and/or Iraq. But I think it is misguided for those on the left who are opposed to the American support for Israel or its interventions elsewhere in the world to use this opportunity to rub America’s nose in its mistakes. To say that the terrorist attacks are no worse than what America has done (directly or indirectly) to Iraqi or Lebanese civilians is both wrong and counter-productive.

Those of us with pragmatic concerns about the usefulness of indiscriminate retaliation do not want to be lumped together with those who believe that America can do no right, and a just solution to the Middle East situation will be as far away as ever if sympathisers with the Palestinian position can be painted as terrorist “fellow travellers”.credit $5,000 bad loan with personaladoption grants loanscanada alberta loans personalaccident loan lawsuitloan mortgage adjustable minnesota rate homefast payday account loan savings97 colorado estate real commercial loansguaranteed 15000 loan personaltexas loan agriculturalloan refund 2nd rapid on

24 September 2001
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The Detroit Free Press has published a useful and easy to read guide to Arab Americans (Detroit contains a large Arab minority). It points out (among other things) that Iran is not Arab, that most Arab Americans are not Muslims and Bedouin are no more than 2% of the overall Arab population. America’s Public Broadcasting System (PBS) produced a miniseries about Islam with accompanying website (mostly about art, it seems) some time ago.
Thanks to Yahoo’s Picks of the Week for these links.
The BBC World Service has also produced a guide to Islam – one of its guides to the six main religions in the world today.

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Here’s a little something to lighten the gloom from my archive of as-yet-un-blogged links – Tea and Coffee – stealth poisons? Dancing – the work of evil minds? All this and more, including a lot of out-dated relationship advice is provided by Miss Abigail’s Time Warp Advice.

21 September 2001
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Sometimes Salon can be so obvious. A piece on “terror sex“? I can imagine the editorial meeting – “OK we’ve done the serious stuff, now what’s the sex angle to this?”. Next I suppose will be an article on how the military could have caught the terrorists if only they used more open source software?

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Could the post-hijack clues be hoaxes? If you are feeling in a conspiratorial frame of mind, the private spies at Stratfor point out that the otherwise meticulous conspirators reportedly left behind pictures of Bin Laden and Korans. They say, “A likely possibility is that the hijackers intentionally left material designed to provide the FBI with an obvious trail leading to low-level operatives with limited knowledge of the attack or its sponsors. While authorities are preoccupied on this investigative track, the real masterminds of the attack could flee detection and plan more operations.”

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When can we laugh again? I have just received by email the first joke based on the events of 9-11 and it was funny (at least to those who would understand it – it was also very geeky). But I didn’t feel it appropriate to forward it or put it up on my site – it just seemed disrespectful. It turns out that traditional humour outlets in the US are facing a similar problem. “At the Onion, Hanson said one of the headlines under consideration for its groundbreaking issue, in the publication’s mock-newspaper format, is: “Report: 82 percent of Americans staring blankly at hands.””

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