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31 October 2001

Public wireless Internet hits Manchester. Of course, contrary to what the article was saying there have been plenty of public wireless Internet access points scattered around the world before now – particularly in the USA. This will probably be one of the first to use Bluetooth when the first 70 sites launch in September, but since Bluetooth is extremely rare at present its impact may be limited. You can buy Bluetooth PCMCIA cards for your laptop for around £125 if you are interested…

Access points are being placed in restaurants, pubs and coffee shops – so you will have to at least buy a coffee to use it. I would love to see it provided in public libraries etc…

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Salon argues (in an article that may require you to subscribe to read it, alas) that the US is being very careful to avoid civilian casualties and its main problem is one of PR. The story claims that civilian casualties of the bombing in the Gulf war were around 3000 and in Kosovo were around 500 – both figures sound low to me.

A military analyst notes, “Nine percent of the air weapons used in the Gulf War were precision weapons, partially because only a certain number of planes could utilize them. In Kosovo about 30 percent of the air weapons used were precision-guided. By 1999 all planes could carry precision-guided weapons. And the cost of those weapons has gone down, which has led to a greater willingness to use them.” Does that mean that perhaps 50% of munitions might be precision this time around? What of the other 50%?

And none of this addresses the main problem which is people dying of starvation, not bombing. You could argue that if the bombing speeds the introduction of a regime which would make it easier to get supplies into the country, a large number of civilian bombing casualties would be justifiable (given the much greater numbers who are in danger because of the winter famine).ringtone free samsung a630rd accident barrington5450 lg ringtone6015i ringtonealltel ringtone real freenokia 3595 ringtone free modelphone free nokia ringtone allteladkins trace free ringtone Map

30 October 2001
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New Scientist, the leading weekly science magazine (whose site I launched), has produced a nifty guide to bioterrorism. I hope it helps defuse a bit of the panic around (though articles like this one written years ago talking about how skilled terrorists could kill millions may not be too helpful in this respect).

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People across Ireland are trying to create informal public access wireless Internet networks. Here in the UK such networks could be considered illegal but apparently the government is looking at liberalising the telecommunications regimes to permit such schemes.check home loan 07 uploan mortgage agent andno 5 check credit loan1 hour day pay loansinc american home loanbankruptcy unsecured after personal credit loanloans mortgage 2nd ratebad credit loan 1000mortgage refinance home loan 1stservicing accounting loan system

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The US military exhibits truly incredible stupidity (NYT registration required) – missing a Red Cross warehouse and hitting a civilian area, then returning, despite warnings, to strike the warehouse again!fantasy hentai final moviesfree movie sites adultmovies free sample analfree bi moviesjobs movies blow freemovie free gallery blowjobmovies free blowjobssex free brazilian moviesfree defloration moviesenema movie clips free

25 October 2001
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Cannabis possession to become less of a criminal offense in the UK. It has been re-classified from a class ‘B’ to a class ‘C’ drug like steroids. The implications are still not 100% clear to me – you can’t be arrested simply for cannabis possession but (presumably if arrested for some other reason) you can still be sent to prison for it. Still, it is a step in the right direction, as our drugs policy in this case has lost all credibility.phone absolutely cell free ringtoneringtone dc mp3 acif 112 what ringtones6820 nokia ringtonebell tv show 24 ringtone3210 nokia ringtoneringtones 7100rringtones alltel mp3 Map

22 October 2001
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Airport police in Philadelphia get more than a little paranoid and bar a man (twice!) from boarding a plane because he was reading a novel about a radical environmentalist.woman nude musculartrailors interracial sex amatuergratis tawneestone fotosolder ugly women fat matureanal bed girlshirsute indian hairy womenpierced black nipples bigfree womn peeing movies girls freeacademy twinksclose up wet cunt mature

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From the sounds of this latest briefing the UK government at least has the right idea about how Afghanistan should be governed:

  • The future of Afghanistan should above all be in the hands of the people of Afghanistan themselves.
  • A global coalition is needed to rebuild Afghanistan.
  • The UN should take the lead.
  • The international coalition has to make a long-term commitment.

    “Mr Straw said that, on a more general point, failing states anywhere in the world could no longer be ignored because the power vacuum created would be exploited by criminals and terrorists.”

    All good points, and consistent with Blair’s excellent musings on this point, most notably in his party conference speech, but a lot more interventionist (I fear some will think ‘colonialist’) than anything we have heard from politicians elsewhere in the last few decades.

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    A well-written and illustrated description of the disastrous First Anglo-Afghan war in 1838. Makes sobering reading in these circumstances.advance day cash loan paydayloan cash today advance paydaycredit online advance instant loan paydayrelief after home debt bankruptcy loanamerican loans college servicesservice american education loanloans no credit $30000 with checks0 consolidation loan student credit cardsmobile 0 payment loan down home1 day loans hour pay

    18 October 2001
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    A view of the WTC devastation from directly overhead. I have also been emailed some very dramatic pictures taken from a nearby office building overlooking the towers a week later. I haven’t spent lots of time scouring the newspapers and the Internet for such photos but these are the most extraordinary ones I have seen to date:

    From the window towards the site (195k)
    Looking down into the devastation (110k)
    From a window towards the site 2 (75k)
    Ruined boardroom (71k)
    Ruined office (66k)fisting movie galleriesbig free boobs moviessex pics movies freelesbian free teen moviesdie or trying get movie richhentia moviescouples homemade moviemovies fucking horsehot the chick moviehentai lesbian movies

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