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28 February 2002
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I review Rohmer’s latest film at epinions – a sadly wooden drama based on the memoirs of Grace Dalrymple Elliot – an ardent royalist trapped in France during the revolution.ebony vigina girls squirtingmilk sucking about stories titsinterracial cuckolding moviestiny teens thaipissing free videos femdomdark stories cuckold sex secert interracialthumbs hairy pusseykiesha evans huge titsmovies hentai narutowife interracial slut

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If like me you thought MP3s didn’t present a security risk to your PC, think again. It turns out that you can create music files in Real Player or Media Player format that spawn lots of pop-up windows and run scripts from the player, then rename them as MP3 and they will still be loaded and run as intended.

It is not clear whether these ‘pretend MP3s’ could be dangerous or just annoying but it is enough to make you a little worried. Of course if, like me, you use a less common application like Musicmatch to play your MP3s you shouldn’t have that problem unless someone writes something to take advantage of that program.about teens religionsexual stories a10 positions best sexsex life 2nd videosabsolutely free sex98226 sexy ladieschat phone 1 sex to1mountainaire by 2004 essex Map

27 February 2002
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British Telecom has finally announced a 40% drop in its wholesale charge for ADSL provision (as hinted at earlier), from £25 to £14.75 a month starting – worryingly – on April 1st. Not only will this lower the price for everyone and significantly broaden the range of people willing to pay to get broadband, but it will finally make it economic for a range of competitors to offer broadband at a reasonable cost.

This site gives an overview of costs in the UK – the cheapest so far is £23.44 a month from Pipex.

Of course the cable companies have been under-cutting this for some time – I pay £25 a month for my cable-based broadband, and I hope this will also drop through increased competition. In France the price is even lower – France Telecom’s Wanadoo charges a little over £10 a month for broadband, apparently, though it is under investigation over claims it is cross-subsidising this to wipe out the competition.credit bad loan 20000home loans 454 equity50000 loans personalloans educations services american studenthigh risk $50,000 loanland refinace alabama loansbad loan cash 50,000 creditbill loan calendar a add to Map

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… but mainly because of the milk you put in it? As the BBC reports:

“A magazine advert for Dilmah tea said that each mug contained ‘a cocktail of vitamins, folic acid and zinc’. It said tea also contained “essential nutrients” such as potassium, riboflavin and vitamin B6. However, many of these nutrients do not come from the tea – but from the milk commonly added to it instead.”

The Tea Council has a site about the health benefits of tea (mainly to do with its anti-oxidant properties, I believe) but it is mainly aimed at health professionals.

26 February 2002

“I took off my clothes and stepped into the shower to find another one sitting near the drain. It was about 2 feet tall and made of metal, with bright camera-lens eyes and a few dozen gripping arms. Worse than the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

`Hi! I’m from Google. I’m a Googlebot! I will not kill you.’

‘I know what you are.’

‘I’m indexing your apartment.’… ”

Continues here… I thought it was quite funny (but that probably means I should get out more).teen sexy asianand outside shitting peeingcum viginapooping pissingmum fucking sister brotherlesbian free ariel comic bellehairy busty kendrainterracial blacksonblondes Map

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Young nubile webloggers sometimes receive presents from admirers, apparently – why shouldn’t I get a chance to benefit as well? Presents large or small would be gratefully received…

I have added my Amazon wishlist to “about me” at the right – my birthday is coming up on March 8th and I’m due to get married in May if you want an excuse to be generous!

25 February 2002
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… but not before 2011, alas. The Commission for Integrated Transport has recommended charges of up to 45p ($.65) per mile to be on the road at peak times. This would be offset by reduced annual road tax and fuel costs so that the whole scheme would be “revenue neutral” – not take in any more money than existing taxes. Unfortunately, this eminently sensible scheme is not being rushed forward due to the strong influence of the road lobby.

The BBC has highlighted a report which shows how old computers are being picked apart in China and the Third World with inadequate safety controls. The report says electronic waste is the most rapidly growing waste problem in the world, with toxic ingredients such as the lead, mercury or cadmium being released into the environment.

Some large companies like IBM offer to recycle their old equipment themselves (though there doesn’t seem to be an IBM recycling centre in the UK).

24 February 2002
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At last a documentary about the people who meet others, not through regular chat but in virtual gaming worlds like Ultima Online. The site doesn’t yet feature a trailer but it is worth keeping an eye on in the hope the documentary will get screened somewhere near you. The first showing will be at during the Game Developers Conference (GDC), March 19 – 23 in San Jose, California.loan payday 600largest loan 7th studentuk aa loans personalloans calif aaa autocincinnati advance cash loanmilitary 20 advance loan paydayloan alberta small businessloan 1000 500 payday Map

22 February 2002
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I have reviewed this film at epinions – I liked it very much. Sorry – I didn’t realise that epinions makes you register to view reviews! It didn’t when I last visited… I put it there because 1) I liked the idea of epinions as it makes it easy to find reviews of all kinds and 2) because I am “only” $76.05 worth of page views away from being able to get them to cut me a cheque.sucking movies pussymovie racing radamateur movies sex real homemovie temp rectalmovies titty fucking sample ofdoo scooby moviesscream the movie scriptmovies search big titposts movie sexmovies sex teen free

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