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29 April 2002
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North American viewers you have a treat in store – I have been watching a new drama based on John Galsworthy’s Forsyte Saga – a late Victorian novel – and my wife and I have both enjoyed it.

It isn’t Great Art but it is eminently watchable with strongly drawn characters, a straightforward and meaty plot (and, of course, great frocks!). It also marks the welcome return to the small screen of one of my favourite actresses, Barbara Flynn, who Brits may remember from Cracker and The Beiderbecke Affair.

Now that our appetite for Galsworthy has been whetted, we may go on to rent the much-famed 1967 BBC drama drawn from the same material at greater length. It is also nice to know that it is downloadable as plain text via Project Gutenberg.

Lots more information on the Forsyte Sagas is provided here.
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Not that one would wish to criticise the academic rigour of Laurentian University, but… this piece of research came to my attention.

Experiences of spiritual visitation and impregnation: potential induction by frequency-modulated transients from an adjacent clock.

“A left-handed Roman Catholic female adolescent with a history of early brain trauma reported nightly visitations by a sentient being…”

27 April 2002
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The not-for-profit “Innocence Project” (which I found out about through a This American Life radio programme) is a fascinating enterprise. They fund appeals for people who say they have been wrongfully convicted where DNA evidence could prove their innocence. So far more than 100 people have had successful re-trials and there is a huge backlog of similar cases.

The radio programme highlighted two chilling cases where people have been coerced into confessing by the police including one where a 14 year old was persuaded to confess to the murder of his own sister. It turns out that in the US it is perfectly legal for the police to invent incriminating evidence in an interrogation – so the child came to believe that he must have done it even though he didn’t remember anything…section tax credits 179 2007union acheva creditremortgage add adverse http url creditadverse http mortgage remortgage loan creditcredit agriguard credit union air federalschool accredited home programscards credit airline reward Map

25 April 2002
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I realise the timing will be difficult for some (it’s in UK time, of course) and the notice is a little last minute but Groening is one of my heroes and because BBC 6 Music (which is hosting the chat) is all but unknown in the UK there is a good chance you could ask him questions if you wanted to (instead of getting stuck in a queue behind thousands of groupies).

I’ll be asking him about his “Life in Hell” series, which came before the Simpsons and I really enjoyed.

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On the anniversary of Salon’s launch of Salon Premium (which now has 36,000 subscribers), one of the world’s largest gaming sites, Gamespot, has launched “Gamespot Complete” at $4.95 a month or $19.95 a year. Unfortunately, this means that with Gamespot “Basic” (free) you won’t be able to see game reviews for more than a week after initial publication. Still, I hope it works, as the Internet media industry badly needs more examples of successful subscription services…additional student loanambassador loanaccount online chase bank loan access78 loan add on ruleadvice student on loans payingadvance 1000 loan paydayrule a loan 78th foraces loans student0 mortgage downpayment loans1hour day pay loansister russian baby fucking brotherhairy timea atkunderage free post teento teens moms teach how fucklactating fetish breastssquirting orgasams wet sex stories wetvintage nipples giantanal pussy insertions and Map

24 April 2002
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A brief think piece with some interesting figures in it from Atlantic Monthly about how globalisation might help poor countries if the West actually practiced what it preached with free trade.

“In the Uruguay Round of tariff reductions, concluded in 1994, the West pledged to reduce agricultural subsidies by 36 percent; in return, the developing countries would lower their tariffs on agricultural imports.

The developing countries met their part of the bargain by halving their average tariffs. The developed countries reneged: subsidies have in recent years made up almost 40 percent of the value of Western farm output—about the same as when Uruguay started.

Of the $90 billion spent on crop supports over the past five years, some $60 billion went to the top 10 percent of recipients—Fortune 500 companies, city-dwelling farm owners, and big agribusiness.”

23 April 2002
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According to a new book reviewed in the Telegraph, we sinister left handed people may not be provably more creative, but at least we aren’t more likely to die young (as some have suggested we would)!card lease accept equipment creditaccount card account credit washington merchantaccreditation care in primaryacct credit card number activeintro 0 credit cardcredit 08003 all scores creditcourses accredited Map

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Now that I’m married, it is only natural that I should suddenly start noticing articles about middle age. And this fascinating piece from the archives of the Atlantic Monthly is a great encouragement. It suggests that far from being an uncomfortable time, middle age can be the best years of your life…pure movies sexcum free movies shotmovies hqwetting in panty movies sceneslesbians moviesclips lexington movie steelesex movies anime freemovie clip free wet Map

22 April 2002
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Think again (small MPEG video file – appears un-doctored, though you never know!)california loan canyon american officerstudent loans ach10000 loan dollar collateral nocalculator loan conventional 100loan definition 1307loan 100 commericalabc mortgages home maryland baltimore loansofficer california alameda loanstudent loan illinois acs401k rollover loans

20 April 2002
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My new brother-in-law, Ouriel Grynszpan, has recently made available software that detects invariant correlations in a sequence of events. It simulates human cognitive behavior in “trial and error” tasks. It does not rely on any complicated mathematical equations – it simply uses basic common sense. It was written in C for Linux. If you take a look at the source code, you will see a lot of strange words: they are Sanskrit terms. That’s because the author was inspired by ancient Indian philosophy.

For more on Indian philosophy and his experiences there, check out his personal site!1949 sloan movierefinace loan 120 house to valueloan interest shareholder afrloan amount bridge calculating neededmorguage 80-10-10 loanprivate loans aesloans home ca irvine americanloan educational all india women muslim Map

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