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30 August 2002
Filed under:Gadgets at8:58 am

I just stumbled across an article about the forthcoming DataPlay format – like a minidisc only much smaller – discs about the size of a 10p piece. Seems to me that the New York Times’ article is a little over-hostile. It is concentrating on the fact that when you copy MP3s onto the disc “your MP3s first need to be converted to the secure CK format (DataPlay’s proprietary content storage format) before being sent to the player. Files in these formats can’t be transferred off the DataPlay disks nor played with any other media players except the included iRiver FuturePlayer”

Interestingly, the format allows you to record MP3 music directly onto the discs (up to 11 hours worth on each disc) and/or just plug your computer into a player’s USB port and record up to 500Mb of data per disc directly into the player.

I don’t know why I never heard of this before but now that I have I really want to have a look at one. Details are surprisingly hard to come by, even on the format’s own website.

It is unclear to me, for example, whether the discs are write once or write many times – if they are the former I would be much less interested…loan settlement againstloans alabamahome 100 garanteed loanand loans 20 80 rateshome loans las vegas accessday america loan pay advance1st commerce loanalaska alaska loans truck auto insurance Map

29 August 2002
Filed under:Broadband infrastructure at10:00 pm

At the beginning of July, British Telecom launched a scheme to allow people not currently served by ADSL to express an interest. BT said that if 2-400 people at an individual exchange signed up at their site they would consider upgrading it to provide ADSL. Nearly two months later after a fair amount of press coverage fewer than 50,000 people have signed up and the exchange nearest to being upgraded is still only halfway there.

Rise up, rural people of Britain! You have nothing to lose but your modems and the world to gain!

28 August 2002
Filed under:Net politics at10:57 pm

Microsoft and, surprisingly, Intel among others have formed a group called “Initiative for Software Choice“, designed to ensure that governments don’t have a bias in favour of open source software. It is not clear what kind of awful crime it might be to prefer software that you can get for free to software from companies like Microsoft who hope to lock you in to a path where you have to pay them in effect a rental charge to use your computer’s software…

27 August 2002
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There are a number of good spam prevention solutions out there but unfortunately I couldn’t use any of them for a few of my accounts – many of them are for Outlook only at the moment and I prefer Eudora. Others require your ISP to sign up. But at last I found Mailwasher, which lets me check my POP3 email and “cleanse” it quickly and easily either by referring to one or more known spammer black lists (including ORDB and SpamCop) or by referring to rules I set up. I recently tested it against 96 spams and got two false positives (only listed as “possible” and “probable” spam) and three real spams let through. That’s good enough for me – especially as Mailwasher is free!

24 August 2002
Filed under:Old media at1:00 pm

A few months back my wife bought us a subscription to the New Yorker. Every so often I would read a really interesting article about how to read people’s faces or how businesses like Enron over-rated talent and under-rated cooperation inside their organizations. Recently I noticed a common thread to these interesting articles – they were all written by Malcolm Gladwell, who has a website of his own where you can read his articles even when they have disappeared from the New Yorker‘s website.

23 August 2002
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Rate Me on Eatonweb Portal

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This one from the newly-revamped Eatonweb weblog portal, which has added a bunch of new features to its index of weblogs.

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22 August 2002
Filed under:Current Affairs (UK) at9:10 am

Tobacco advertising of almost all kinds is to be banned across the UK by the end of the year. It’s about time! Now if we could get a ban on smoking in places serving food…

21 August 2002
Filed under:Digital TV at10:04 am

Well it turns out your cable company can bring you something like this vision of the future, but you need a computer to view it and it is called the Internet.

I’ve always been fascinated by the future people predict and how it differs from the future we get…approval military faxless loans payday 100401 k paperwork loanstudent acs parents loanshomeloans 100 offsetadv loansloan rates stafford 2008springfield il auto center alc loannj loans 100 fix flipaes student pa loansamerican education services loans studenunderage fuck pics teenpussy ebony black cunts labia negrospy peeing cam photo girls hiddeninterracial cuckold moviesinterracial video quicktime trailer pornvideos women nude masterbating ofunderage nudity teenunderage girls nude extreme Map

18 August 2002
Filed under:Gadgets,Weblogs at11:31 pm

Nick Denton, who was responsible for the creation of the very useful moreover news search engine, is paying someone to run a weblog about gadgets – gizmodo. It may not be as novel an idea as it appars – I have been reading Street Tech for a while, which incudes a weblog “Street Noise”, and I think it is a commercial enterprise.

I hope both it and Gizmodo find a way to make money (more discussion about profitability here). I agree with one of the people in that discussion that it would be a more compelling read if it had a point of view instead of merely informing you about the existence of products and articles.acoustic loan servicingloan software servicing absa payday loans week day 7conforming 2008 limit mac freddie loanbridging abbey loans nationalsloane aidanpawn akron loangovernment loans aboriginaladelaide loans personal bank5,000.00 in phoenix az loansringtones 6315i192 heather lane barrington ridgebarrington 3316of park harrington adeleaccapella beatbox ringtoneringtone a banjo dueling freenorwood street torrington connecticut 528100 ringtone mp3 sanyo Map

17 August 2002
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“A mountain of disused gadgets worth £5bn are lying around UK homes, with over half of households stockpiling more than three pieces of unwanted hi-tech wizardry”.

“Men are the worse culprits for holding onto their gadgets, with 32% holding on to four or more unused items compared to just 19% of women hanging onto the same number” – just ask my wife…

I have mostly managed to give away my surplus gadgets, but I have still ended up with a rat’s nest of surplus cables because you never know when you might need one of them!credit america unioin firstd credit r 2006all considerd creditbusiness credit acquirecredit free 100 checktax 2008 individual creditsaccess good to credit3 1 report in free credit Map

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