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31 October 2002

Everywhere! Broadband claims it will shortly be launching a broadband-by-satellite service in the UK (via Eutelsat) which will give consumers unable to get broadband via ADSL or cable access to download speeds of 1Mb/sec for £19.95 a month. SatDrive (also a Eutelsat partner) is already offering a similar deal for £14.99 a month. Alas, it isn’t quite as good as it seems:

  • Charges don’t include the cost of your telephone, which will have to be connected as long as you are doing any “active surfing” (you can disconnect once you have requested a big download, however, and you will be notified of new email without needing to dial up).
  • Files will arrive very quickly, but I am told that at least with existing satellite services there is often an annoying delay before any given file starts to be downloaded (this is because of the distance between you and the satellite). This also makes satellite Internet pretty hopeless for online gaming.
  • In the case of Satdrive at least (for Everywhere it is not clear) the bandwidth on offer is shared, so if others on the same service are downloading large files your own download speeds may drop.
  • Everywhere! installation costs “from £99”, and Satdrive’s installation costs £399+ (unless you already have the equipment).

Last but not least, one has to wonder how they can afford to offer this service for such low prices. But this is still unquestionably good news…

30 October 2002
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The BBC covers an interesting report on what made broadband work in South Korea (which has 60% household penetration – the highest in the world). It was strongly backed by government and sold to the public as an educational and entertainment tool. Also, there are several competing sources of broadband and helpfully, “80% of the population live in urban areas and nearly half of those live in large apartment blocks with a single communication room for broadband connections.”

Also see a more lengthy article in Wired which concentrates more on the social side…

I do wish there were more articles around about this – though I suspect that many of the things that made broadband work in Korea would be hard to reproduce elsewhere, like the more group-oriented culture and the dense population.

28 October 2002
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Interesting editorial on thedogmatism of the geek community. The author, Tom Steinberg, rightly points out that there is a depressing unanimity of expressed views about Internet issues among Internet old-timers. He worries that if “we” lose on one of those issues (like digital rights management) then “we” may find it difficult to re-group and keep fighting on other issues.

I worry that the community may be viewed as self-interested and naive because, for example, it preaches that you should be allowed to copy as much music or movies as you want because “hey, those industries are owned by The Man who is exploiting the artists anyway”. This may mean that when we want to be heard about what are IMHO more important issues like privacy rights and anti-spam legislation our credibility will be tarnished.

27 October 2002
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Google has agreed to remove – without notice, public debate or scrutiny – more than 100 racist sites from its database when that database is accessed via Google’s French and German gateways (google.com retains the sites).

Since for many people the results they get from Google effectively constitute their “window” onto the Internet, this decision is deeply disturbing. It is one thing for people to deliberately choose to filter out search results from their own searches (or that of their children) using “safe search” engines like the BBC’s, but until this research was published in Harvard, these search restrictions were taking place without people even realising it.

To me, possibly the best way around this problem would be to present websites containing the most offensive material with a warning and a link to a site containing counter-arguments alongside it.

In the case of child pornography sites, if one could expunge those links manually from search engine databases without removing other, legitimate sites, I would certainly be tempted to try…

26 October 2002
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25 October 2002
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23 October 2002

BBC News Online working alongside Go Digital, a World Service programme, has produced a series of profiles of how people in Bangladesh and Senegal are putting new technology to use to help the disadvantaged. Not all of these technological experiments will make sense in the long term, but it is good to see people trying…ringtone free nokia polyphonic 228551 squad ringtoneringtone 6010 nokia polyphonicnokia ringtone 6260 polyphonicfree download nokia ringtone 3285ringtone free polyphonic 2260 nokiaring actor ring funny ring ringtonesa55 siemens ringtone Map

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According to the BBC, they are refusing to sign up to a “voluntary” code which would have them hand over details of when email from any of their subscribers was sent and to whom – but not their content. It’s not surprising they are a little unwilling to cooperate as the big question is – who is entitled to ask for this information. Back in June the government seemed ready to allow just about anybody to go fishing for information. This was nipped in the bud but they still aren’t saying who they think should be entitled to this information.

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22 October 2002
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Scott Rosenberg’s weblog points out more useful-sounding software development from the newly-formed Open Source Applications Foundation, funded by Mitch Kapor (who founded Lotus). Their first project will be an open source alternative PIM to Microsoft Outlook – something that is sorely needed…download free sex moviemovies ilovemovies mature slutjob movie blowriding movies cockschool the old moviesex movies roughmovies duvalle lacey Mapagf credithorizon credit new counseling services ahotel restaurant degree and accredited managementdistance accredited program popular university learningcredit no card webcams adult requirerd645 credit scoreunion alaska fed engr credit districtcard services gambling merchant account credit Map

21 October 2002
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I’ve been doing a little research on second hand books since I became a student.

First off, try searching ABE Books – it covers hundreds of second hand shops around the globe but you can ask it to narrow the search to the UK. Skoob and Unsworths (see below) both use it to index their own collections.

12 Bloomsbury Street
London WC1B 3QA

Tel 44 (0)20 7436 9836


Brunswick Centre – The nearest Underground station is Russell Square on the Piccadilly line. The Brunswick Centre is 50 yards from the tube station, turn right out of the station, cross over the road and head for a large concrete edifice. If you know the Renoir Cinema (recommended), we are in the same complex.
(purportedly the largest second hand academic bookshop in London)

44(0)20 7278 8760

Judd Two Books 82 Marchmont St nr Russell Sq tube 7387 5333 (no website?)

Waterstones 82 Gower Street – one of the largest sources of new academic books in London but also apparently sells used books.

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