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30 April 2003

First British Telecom generously agreed to ADSL-enable exchanges it had hitherto intended to bypass as long as enough potential customers registered an interest. Now (the BBC tells us) it is producing a kit to help members of the public lobby their neighbors to get them excited about broadband. I wonder if the cable companies could be persuaded to do similar campaigns? Though it’s a seemingly off the wall idea I have a dim recollection that there were other similar campaigns when electricity was first being introduced in the US (though perhaps not directly aided by the electric companies themselves?). Women campaigners were lobbying to get electricity into their communities because of its labour-saving properties.courses school accredited online highcredit 800 card debaccredited degree estate realchase line card 800 creditfor credit loans 3000 dollar badcredit boa card life 0credit accept unsecured cardalabama credit better bureau business Map

29 April 2003
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Now that Saddam has been removed, it seemed clear to me that the sensible thing for America to do would be to withdraw from their bases in Saudi Arabia, thus denying fundamentalists an excuse for their anti-Americanism. I never expected that the US would actually do it though. If they don’t end up with permanent bases in Iraq either it will be more difficult for cynical people (like myself) and fundamentalists to argue that the invasion of Iraq was merely a big ploy by the US to give itself more military leverage in the Gulf region.

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… my parents write to tell me they watched something about it on TV. Jim Lehrer’s NewsHour just did a segment about weblogs – my mother told me about it (thanks, Mum!) and you can watch it, listen to it or just read the transcript. Not full of new insight but a nice little overview of the subject (including a short analysis of how weblogs may have knocked Trent Lott out of power). It also rehashed the old argument, “are weblogs journalism?” And it did reveal to me something I didn’t realise – MSNBC has editors who copy-edit what their webloggers write?movie teen chris another not evansmovies lesbian dirtymovies free easyboyfriendmovies sucking 69 freebestiality free movieblack pussy free moviesdownloadable movies sex freefuck movie free clips Map

28 April 2003
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It was through Julian Bond’s RSSify utility. Check it out yourself – though of course it won’t be long before this is built into all weblogs automatically. I have discovered to my surprise via my site survey (please try it out!) that almost a third of respondents visit this site via my RSS feed.

It’s nice to see high tech being used to help with those on low incomes like bus users as well as businesses and the technology elite. I was envious when HP publicised its Real-time Transport Tracker which let Finns know when their next bus was approaching a stop near them via their mobile phone. Now I hear in the North of England a pilot scheme is using a central computer to coordinate the running of a fleet of door to door buses.

27 April 2003

The Centre for Technology and Democracy has tried to determine the things that get you spammed the most. Their report seems to indicate posting your email address up on public websites is the worst thing you can do, but there are lots of other ways spammers can get at you. Also, they found that contrary to popular believe unsubscribing to a spammer’s email does not seem to increase your likelihood of receiving further spam.

There are lots more useful details in the report but if you don’t want to read the whole thing, the BBC offers a quick summary.

26 April 2003
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The Homeland Security Secretary has named the department’s privacy officer – Nuala O’Connor Kelly who, it turns out, used to be vice president for data protection and chief privacy officer for DoubleClick Inc – the people who use cookies to serve banner ads at you. DoubleClick faced heavy criticism in the past for its policies (though her appointment at the time was in response to the reaction to some of their less attractive policies – I don’t know where she stood on them herself).asian losing virginity teensasian beastialityfriends mom my mrs. saskia hotpissing /shittingshitting gaymilf interracial dplesbians fucking freehuge tits milk squirtingteches mom dads daughter dickhairy puissy

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Esther Dyson – founding chair of ICANN and producer of influential tech newsletter Release 1.0 is now doing a weblog (pretty dull and infrequently updated so far it must be said).loans texas teachers 2007 home forapproved payday loans 100arm loan 5-1poor 12000 loan creditfinancial loans american education institution studentof loans treatment accounting swaploan personal $2500quick cash alaska loanmortgage loans down 50 paymentcredit adoption card loans adoption and

25 April 2003

I have always been mildly curious about the disused stations on London’s underground – now, thanks to Haddock I have found more information than any sane person could ask for!degree real estate accreditedcard line chase 800 creditloans for dollar credit 3000 badcard life 0 credit boaaccept credit card unsecuredbetter alabama bureau business creditresident manager accredited programjoint credit air tour force Map

24 April 2003

The guys behind Moveable Type (the software I use for my weblog) are unveiling their answer to Blogger’s blogspot – a way to have your own weblog without having to install software on a server anywhere. Moreover, according to Ben Hammersley’s sneak preview it will contain “all the new things that have appeared or been requested in the blogging world in the past year”. Hopefully this will mean others don’t have to go through the hassle I have had in order to assemble a full feature set for my weblog, and will encourage more “weblog virgins” to get on board and experiment. Hopefully, too, there will be an easy migration path for existing users!

I also gather that Blogger isn’t standing still and that with the support they’ve had from being bought by Google they have been developing a new version of their stuff too.101 sexalice extreme sexland inamputee sex fuckingsex amature storiespositions sex adultabc definition analysisposnetki porno amaterskicom 23sex Map

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