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31 August 2003

… but unfortunately when the “Software & Information Industry Association”:http://www.spa.org/ tried to educate kids with this video “Don’t Copy That Floppy”:http://static.hugi.is/video/fyndin/dctf-1.wmv they produced something truly embarrassing (which is presumably why the video is – ironically – now only available as a file on a server in Iceland).

(The SIIA’s rapping lecturer)

I wonder if it is possible to tell kids not to break the law or to avoid doing something stupid without coming across as ridiculous or painfully earnest?

_Thanks to “NTK”:http://www.ntk.net/2003/08/29/ for the link_

Also see “this New York Times article”:http://mbhs.bergtraum.k12.ny.us/cybereng/nyt/mbhs-nyt.htm – again, ironically, pirated from the NYT archives (though admittedly for educational use).videos shemale amature sexvideos women sex abusedteenagers more alcohol50 cent sex tapeporn pics amatueradult porn forumadult sextoy shoptechniques sex advertising appeal Map

30 August 2003

Uncle Sam teaches terrorism. In the early 80’s the CIA published a sabotage manual and distributed it throughout Nicaragua. The anti-Sandanista pamphlet is full of tips on bringing down the infrastructure of the country…

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29 August 2003

“TypePad”:http://www.typepad.com/ (the all singing all dancing hosted weblog service I mentioned here which comes from the same company that does my weblog software) has now launched and costs $4.95 to $14.95 a month. Looks like Blogger (which has a free option and offers free hosting through “Blogspot”:http://blogspot.com/) gets to keep its market share.

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28 August 2003


Yesterday’s Tomorrows – a web gallery of the American future as envisioned in the early-to-mid 20th Century. This kind of stuff has always entertained me.

Thanks to boingboing for the link.19th century sexporn clips minute 1sexy hardcore amateur girlsteen thumbnails amateuralicia machado porno videomp4 porn 2007 rssblog amature sexsex blog amatuer Map

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… and there is no reason you should – this weblog has left Reid’s machine and is now hosted by Harald Koch (see the picture of the new computer at the right!). Thanks to Reid for two years of patience dealing with technical queries and the occaisional grumbling about periodic outages.

27 August 2003

I just finished reading Technology and Social Inclusion: Rethinking the Digital Divide by Mark Warschauer and I was bowled over. This is to my mind the academic text on this subject – I agree with him almost throughout. He wrote a Scientific American piece which summarised some of his thinking available in PDF form. You may also want to see this First Monday article for a more academic take.movies lesbian homemovies pussy lesbians lickingclit lick mybest list scene sex moviesmovies porn list micheals sean ofmovie little darlingslittle movie mermaidtheaters loews moviemovie documentary making amovie making a

26 August 2003

There seems to be a gulf between what the BBC reported its head to have said and what a transcript of the speech revealed. There has been some excited discussion by Danny O’Brien and Alan Connor (and, inevitably, on Slashdot and kuro5hin) that seem based on what they would like this announcement to be rather than what it is.

Matt Jones (who works at the BBC) says the move is, “brave and disruptive – and will have to be executed as such, with no half-measures or compromises to vested interests.”

In fact, while BBC News’ summary suggests Dyke said the Creative Archive would contain “all the corporation’s programme archives”, the speech actually promised to allow “parts of our programmes, where we own the rights, to be available to anyone in the UK to download” (emphasis mine). Nothing there about all of the BBC’s archives. And the example he uses – kids downloading, “real moving pictures which would turn their project into an exciting multi-media presentation” make it sound like a collection of digital clip-art.

25 August 2003

The BBC’s director general has announced “plans to give the public full access to all the corporation’s programme archives… everyone would in future be able to download BBC radio and TV programmes from the internet.”

Well, the announcement certainly sounds huge, but as Danny O’Brien reflects, “Sorting out the contractual issues with anything but completely internally produced content will be difficult ” – a huge understatement! And who will pay the cost to digitise and index all that content? Who will decide when enough has been digitised? Will it be seen as a waste of license fee payments to “super-serve” the broadband-using public? Will the BBC actually encourage the use of file sharing applications in order to reduce its bandwidth charges? The list of questions goes on and on…

But even if a fraction of what is possible is achieved, this is a great step forward and it will open a number of important debates.movies blonde free sexfree throat deep moviemovies pussy eating freefacial movies gay freeporn gay movies men freefree samples movie gaymovies free gay postporn movies free granny Map

24 August 2003

Bathtime in Clerkenwell is an entertaining short animated video for all ages wherein a man tries to stop a relentless assault of cuckoos from his cuckoo clock in time to an infectious jazz melody.

Thanks to the Guardian’s cybercinema roundup for the link.

23 August 2003

At a forum about spam in May, NTT in Japan warned that, “the company’s 38 million customers still receive up to 30 wireless spam messages per day” and American wireless carriers are concerned the US could be next.

“…Federal law prohibits most telemarketers from dialing cell phones, but no such regulations prevent spammers from sending messages to addresses like 2025551212@cellphonecarrier.com. Because many text services carry a per-message charge, costs to consumers could mount quickly.”

Here in Europe cellphone spam does not seem to be too bad so far a) because we have better privacy protection anyway and b) because the sender pays for each message sent instead of the receiver paying to receive so truly bulk spams would be uneconomic.

Do you Nordics have problems with cell spam?

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