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3 February 2004
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Stupid callers to tech support. Though there are hundreds of sites out there about this subject I thought it was worth highlighting this recent collection of anecdotes from the crowd at “b3ta”:http://www.b3ta.com/ because they are predominantly British (many other sites are more American and more business/corporate in what they focus on).

The first page you get to is a selection of favourites from among the 12 (!) other pages of anecdotes. It’s hard to choose a single favourite from that page but this anecdote certainly tickled me:

We managed to sell some software recently, and the client/user insisted on instaling it himself. Despite my suggestions that his IT guy do the install, or better yet, I could do it for him, he was convinced in his own ability. Fine.
I called up the day after to check on how things went, but he seemed somehow less sure of himself than previously, and mumbled something about how you had to know the little tricks to get things working these days, before he hung up.
3-4 days later their IT bloke calls me asking if they can, “erm, have another copy of the software, please”. It turned out the user had put the pc on the floor so the CD drive was in a vertical position, and glued the CD into the drive tray to stop it falling out before the tray moved back inside the case.