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24 February 2004

I am not an online roleplaying game player myself but I know enough about how they work that this article – “The Automated Online Roleplayer”:http://www.gamespy.com/fargo/august03/autorpg/index.shtml made me laugh long and loud.

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  1. For the last year and a half (I think), I’ve been playing an online MMORPG called “ProgressQuest”. It’s a fire-and-forget program – you launch it and it takes care of all that tedious questing, monster slaying, loot acquiring and so on, leaving only the delicious levelling up. Right now, my character (AZZ KIKR, the level 81 Fighter/Organist) is slaying 6 ancient beer golems. I can tell because the progress bar at the bottom of the window says “Slaying 6 ancient beer golems”. Oh, now he’s finished doing that, and is onto a quest, “Fetch me a cobble”. He’ll probably be rewarded with a cool item, like a +60 Vorpal Stabbity Lance. And all without me having to click a single thing!

    Comment by wjr — 24 February 2004 @ 6:07 pm

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