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27 August 2004
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When Psion stopped producing the Series 5mx I reluctantly abandoned the Psion/Symbian platform for a Palm because I wanted something pocketable but with a full-size(ish) keyboard. Nothing available from Symbian did the trick then or (to the best of my knowledge) now. But it looks like the “Nokia 9500”:http://www.nokia.com/nokia/0,8764,54113,00.html “previewed here”:http://my-symbian.com/9210/review_9500.php may do so when it launches – for a price. And if you don’t mind waiting a little longer I now discover they may do a little brother – the 9300 without wifi and built-in camera.

I am smitten, but the projected price of $1000 before subsidy for the 9500 is a little off-putting! Also the review seems to suggest you can’t automatically synchronise Office documents – only contacts, calendar and email. I hope I wouldn’t have to remember to copy the documents I want back and forth between the phone and my PC!

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