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5 May 2005
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Just a quick note to mention to any of my friends or fellow academics that read this that I am often logged into Skype these days (now that I have a laptop with built in mic and speakers). For those who don’t know Skype is a mixture of instant message application and Internet telephone). My Skype ID is, unsurprisingly, “DavidBrake”. If I don’t know you please let me know why I should let you connect to me (I set my Skype to “contacts only”).

Update: That’s “DavidBrake” not “David Brake” as I thought…


  1. Um, actually your contact name is “DavidBrake” without the space. Skype complained when I tried it first.. 🙂

    Comment by Reid — 6 May 2005 @ 6:49 am

  2. […] es of technology, Useful web resources —David Brake@3:42 pm While Skype (which I am using extensively these days) makes it easy to call your Internet-using friends for free you normally have […]

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