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14 November 2005
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Like others I have quickly started to find my iPod Nano’s screen is starting to be covered with hairline scratches – even though I left on the thin plastic cover it came with. Now (a little late) Apple is shipping Nanos with cases but since mine did not come with the case, Apple will not ship one to me retrospectively. If I want my iPod screen to be fixed I have to send it back (and it will presumably just get all scratched up again thereafter).

P.S. I am reluctant to write about my iPod further because every time I do I get annoying spam comments advertising pyramid schemes to get them free!

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  1. Occasionally, I suspect Apple (with their iPods) and Sony (with their PlayStations) are in a race to see who can deliver the more rushed and cheaply-made overpriced electronics while denying the consumers their basic right to a quality product. It’s pretty marvelous that they can include a protective case for something that breaks easily (because it’s badly made) and then consider that case a luxury add-on… But, boy, they sure are cool, aren’t they? 😛

    Comment by Justin Kownacki — 15 November 2005 @ 6:32 pm

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