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23 November 2006
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I just read via the BBC about niceness tokens that are being handed around when someone is nice to someone else around London (probably eventually around the world as the tokens circulate). The other linked stories from the BBC site tell of other similar attempts to encourage us all to be nice to one another.

Awww. And in the spirit of niceness, a Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American readers…

PS I’m back on broadband now – hurrah!

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  1. The former mayor of Bogota had something similar going on a few years ago. He handed out for freehundreds of thousands of cards with a green thumbs up on one side, and a red thumbs down on the other. People were supposed to show each other the red card side if they saw something “foul” happening, and viceversa. It worked really well for a while with traffic–people would use the cards instead of the finger and curses, and you’d see people yielding to pedestrians more often, etc.

    Comment by I.N.C — 22 January 2007 @ 1:54 am

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