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18 April 2007
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A friend just alerted me to this book: Send: The Essential Guide to Email for Office and Home which it seems has shot right onto the New York Times’ bestseller list. I wrote a similar, if more ‘business-y’ book – Dealing with Email (see also at right) four years ago but alas it signally failed to make an impact on the zeitgeist. Oh well, let’s hope a rising tide lifts all boats and that I have more success with the books on blogging I hope one day to write.

P.S. I just discovered that my book has been added to Amazon’s “search within the book” programme so you can leaf through a few pages online if you like to get a feel for it (not possible with “Send”). And you might want to check out the companion website I produced for the book with more tips (as well as looking through the “email discoveries” category on this blog).

11 April 2007

Over at Media @ LSE I just posted about my experiences with Librivox – a free project to read public domain texts aloud turning them into audiobooks. I hate to criticize a bunch of people just trying to help spread the availability of classic works but… well… check out my posting…

3 April 2007

Epicenter started as a look at those who found themselves contaminated by the radioactivity from early nuclear tests but as this trailer demonstrates his curiosity and journalistic zeal soon encouraged him to broaden his investigation and, from the looks of things, turn up all kinds of interesting stuff about the history of nuclear weapons development. Danny has sent me a DVD so once I get it I’ll tell you more…