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9 November 2008
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The suspense is killing me – when I awake I’ll know what the auction of this domain got me. I’m hoping for a surge in the last 6 hrs (it happens on eBay all the time after all). The price is still below what I had this domain valued at…

Whatever happens I hope my readers will follow me across to the new address!

7 November 2008
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I’m pleased to say that there’s already a second bid on the blog.org domain, with two days, 8 hours to go until it’s sold. I also now have decided on the future address of this blog. Please bookmark either http://blog.davidbrake.org/ or http://davidbrake.org/blog (both appear to work now).

6 November 2008
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I’m not giving up blogging but I am giving up this domain – I’ve put it up for auction. Proud as I am of having owned this domain and run this blog for over seven years there’s a $50,000 offer on the table so I couldn’t really say no. The auction runs for three and a half more days, so if you’re interested, hurry on over to the auction link.

Because the domain name has had a long association with me personally, I would like to know the purpose to which a potential purchaser intends to put it to ensure that it is not going to embarrass me. I would also like a visible link somewhere on the front page for three months from date of purchase that points to the new address of my weblog (it does not have to be prominent).

I will post again later to let you know what this blog’s new address will be. If you’re a reader via RSS and have subscribed to the current RSS feed provided via Feedburner then you should notice no change. Otherwise it’s worth making sure you update your RSS reader.

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