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16 November 2003

Back in June, the Onion wrote about “social capital”:https://blog.org/archives/000799.html – now it is examining the social consequences of weblogging.

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  1. Ah yes, what can one really say in a blog? Shake the establishment? Talk about trade secrets? List web sites of dubious legality? Could a scientist dare show an open mind on things currently in the realm of pseudoscience? Could a person with mostly right wing friends make centrist or worse, left-leaning comments? If I didn’t touch on those areas, would I just have another boring diary?

    Is anonymity the best way to blog? On a related topic, I noticed that “questia.com” (an online library) caters to academic work that shouldn’t be biased by web sites of dubious credibility, and yet a lot of interesting things are in blogs and web sites indexed by google, if you know the Ways of the Oracle (Matrix ref.).

    Be sure to tell me how to get a copy of your research paper when you’re done!

    Comment by Jeff K — 17 November 2003 @ 9:49 pm

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