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20 July 2005

A few days ago I mentioned in passing that the US was doing itself a disservice and indirectly helping the jihadists by not mentioning Iraq’s civilian casualties. It turns out that the liberal stalwarts at Mother Jones have done a good piece recently on just this issue – Iraqi Casualties: Unnamed and Unnoticed.


  1. Thank you for you observance that People do care about the mounting Iraqi civilian casualties.

    The Title Bush Adminstration should be the key phrase. We know…I for one have tried to get this information and at times have queried the American press with some success. However, please undertand that we here in America are living under more “No Freedom of the Press” than we’ve ever known in our lifetimes. Our rights as citizens are being slowly chipped away. The Press is being whittled away to nothing.

    Think I’m crazy? I dare to spend year at Heathro digging in to Americans that come abroad.

    The only defense I have, is that we know what this Administration has done. We are fighting slowly in the House and Senate and anywhere else we can. I really belive that AMericans we’re too afraid after 9/11 to fight bad and trusted the President too much. We will remember the casualties of those 100’s of 1,000’s of people that have died since the occupation.

    We will try to take back the world here in the US we love.

    Comment by Sheila Stone — 21 July 2005 @ 3:21 am

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