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12 January 2006
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Canada is not merely not a page turner but even a socially acceptable synonym for boredom among otherwise apparently open-minded people. Why should this be? The same people who perk up at the mere mention of Palestine, or who become instantly animated over Venezuela, show more interest in the drying of paint than about Canada.

A Guardian columnist recently tried to get Brits interested in Canada – more particularly the upcoming election – but spent two thirds of his column making fun of Canada’s dullness and the remaining third completely misinterpreting the current Canadian political situation (does anyone really think that if Harper does win (God forbid) it would mark a true Conservative revival?)


  1. Who’s Harper?

    Comment by Stephen Newton — 12 January 2006 @ 3:05 pm

  2. Sigh. No it won’t be a true revival, it will be a case of a party that’s governed for 12 years losing it’s grip with the populace, while weakening from side effects of a long-running internal feud, and an old scandal to boot. Harper is the leader of the Conservatives (no longer Progressive), for years a scary unsuccessful neo-con, who brought his party’s platform towards the centre enough this time just enough to seem reasonable (though one look at his future cabinet would give it all away). In the last days of the campaign, Harper is already swerving back to the right, promising to scrap Kyoto and commitment made with aboriginals and the provinces. The pain of it is that it really is time for the Liberals to get booted out, if only to rejuvenate. Most of us sane Canadians hope for a minority, where the Conservatives’ true agenda will be restricted and the more insane elements of the party will be unable to hold their tongues. Pity us!

    Comment by Peter Cook — 16 January 2006 @ 8:47 pm

  3. Well, the boring thing bothers me. But, as a Canadian, I’d have to say I’m not into politics in Canada. I don’t think there really are political parties anymore, just greedy, lying groups. Label them A, B, C and D and it would make as much sense. I honestly don’t think it matters who wins. Pick one and get on with life.

    Of course, my boyfriend is a reporter who loves politics. His eyes glaze over if I talk about Internet geekery and mine glaze if he starts talking politics. 🙂

    Comment by Laura — 23 January 2006 @ 6:39 am

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