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18 April 2007
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A friend just alerted me to this book: Send: The Essential Guide to Email for Office and Home which it seems has shot right onto the New York Times’ bestseller list. I wrote a similar, if more ‘business-y’ book – Dealing with Email (see also at right) four years ago but alas it signally failed to make an impact on the zeitgeist. Oh well, let’s hope a rising tide lifts all boats and that I have more success with the books on blogging I hope one day to write.

P.S. I just discovered that my book has been added to Amazon’s “search within the book” programme so you can leaf through a few pages online if you like to get a feel for it (not possible with “Send”). And you might want to check out the companion website I produced for the book with more tips (as well as looking through the “email discoveries” category on this blog).