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29 May 2008

Pat Miller explains how to surf the web, word process, email, do instant messaging and even make Internet phone calls all with a Nintendo DS.

Mind you, at least in the UK at £79 the DS is actually more expensive than an XO (the “one laptop per child“) would be (if we could buy one), and of course it lacks a keyboard. But doing all that on something that was designed to play simple games would certainly be good for one’s geek cred.

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  1. sadly i bought the nintendo ds. i found it was just a gameboy with a reinvented beeper strapped to it because of the wifi chat system installed into it. although you have to be in the same room with the other nerd holding a different ds it does come in handy during tests or silently hazing.

    Comment by steve_zen — 14 June 2008 @ 3:52 am

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