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9 May 2008
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I’ve got my theory mojo working – at least erratically – and have a stack of books by or about Erving Goffman by my desk to prove it:

From Things observed

(While I am sharing pictures, also see various London-specific stuff in my other album below):

London discoveries

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  1. (end all, abolish money)augh yes the internatonal topic of freeing one’s self from the burdens of capitalism. intrigueing until you realize we would all go back to wiping our assess on bark when all the tp companies realize that everyone’s paying in rocks. not saying it wouldn’t be nice though. I lived on a box of cheese it’s and water from the bathtub for over a couple of months. i finally realized dirt broke sucks when even the icecream man won’t take your pennies.

    Comment by steve_zen — 14 June 2008 @ 3:37 am

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