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30 November 2008
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I am familiar with having to wait until near Xmas to get new PC games but this year whether it’s because PC gaming (in my favourite genres) is in terminal decline, because the financial crisis is crushing game companies or just terminal incompetence by game makers, I’ve got practically nothing new to play before the new year.

I grow weary of playing Supreme Commander – good as it is – since it seems there’s little that can be done to beat low tech rushes but the modest expansion planned for it has been cancelled and while a version 2 has been announced there is no info about when it will ship. I really enjoyed Company of Heroes, but there’s only a very minor expansion for it coming – still no sign of an Eastern Front version. I was willing to give Battlefield Heroes a try – particularly as it will be free to play – but it’s been delayed until next year too.

The only minor gaming treat coming my way is a small (but badly needed) expansion for Sins of a Solar Empire – Entrenchment. It won’t ship until 2009 either but at least pre-orderers can join the beta when it’s available.


  1. know where to find your games my friend. However for really high end games for the pc you can blame micro soft and it’s games devs.


    E3 was dead for alot of reasons, by the way I can tell you like rts games. the best is yet to come starcraft.

    Comment by dreamhunk — 30 November 2008 @ 2:12 pm

  2. oh and one more thing you should check out the indie game devs as well as mods


    Comment by dreamhunk — 30 November 2008 @ 2:38 pm

  3. Several of us went and got “Left 4 Dead” within the last week. Valve is offering 4-packs on Steam that are $20 cheaper than the in-store price.

    It’s a fun, zombie-bashing game with good co-op play. However, in our first (and so far only) foray, we found Valve’s “Steam Servers” choppy and hanging partway through levels.


    Comment by Reid — 6 December 2008 @ 7:30 pm

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