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25 February 2009
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I’ve been following Lost since it began and at first found it really engaging but regular readers will note increasing disenchantment setting in. Even though I know I only need to ‘hang in there’ for a season and a half to find out what is really going on I have (rather belatedly) decided that I just can’t be bothered. The main weaknesses I despair of being addressed are:

  • The characters are thin and their behavior is inconsistent
  • Relatedly, they seem irrationally swayed by any ‘authority figure’ who comes by. This results in characters holding diametrically opposite views for no better reason than they blindly believe the last person who seemed to know what was going on (eg Ben, or Charles Widmore).
  • Lots of misunderstandings arise which would have been easily cleared up if the characters just shared information with each other or talked over what had happened to them.
  • There are just too many loose ends to tie up.

I think I’ll probably watch the last season finale just to see how on earth they try to make it all make sense but that aside, I’m done. It’s a pity, as it started really promisingly…