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21 May 2001
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Am I Going Down? As the site itself put it, this was “a guide to your likelihood of personally experiencing full loss equivalency” – in other words, given your origin airport, destination and your airline this site will calculate how likely you are to die in a plane crash. Fun for the paranoid…

Update: That site is no longer live and can’t be accessed via the Internet Archive. Sorry to everyone who has been looking for it!

Thank you memepool.com for the link


  1. Im very sad to hear of the demise of “AmIGoingDown.Com” Does anybody know of any similar alternatives?

    Comment by John Ward — 21 January 2004 @ 12:00 pm

  2. […] vuelo te decía, mitad en serio mitad en chiste, la probabilidad exacta de que tu avión se caiga. Cerró en el 2001 pero como siempre el Wayback Archive tiene una copia por si quieren verlo y […]

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