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1 August 2003
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I just got around to seeing ”
Catch Me If You Can” – the somewhat Hollywood-ised but still fascinating story of Frank Abagnale, who stole $2m over five years starting at age 16 and impersonated a doctor, a lawyer and a pilot among other professions. I reviewed it for Epinions (I have earned $24 so far from them and need to earn another $76 before they cut me a cheque so go take a look!)

Frank – who now runs a successful anti-fraud business – gives his impressions of the movie on his own site. He was also interviewed at length in Australia well before the movie’s release and tells a number of the movie’s best stories there.

Here’s a tip of his you won’t get from the movie: “if I’m going to mail a letter and I don’t have a stamp, you know, I can take that letter and address the person’s name in the left-hand corner I’m sending it to, and put my name in the middle of the envelope and the mail will return back to that person, and I’ve sent it without a stamp”number card credit american expressgift card certificate credit $100accreditation united in the statesmedical record requirements accreditationdiploma school high home at accreditedschools online high accreditedaccredited acr facilitiesassurance and quality accreditation Map