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23 March 2004

I just discovered that Amazon US is selling my book Dealing with E-Mail for 60% off – it’s $2.80! At that price you’d be crazy not to buy a copy. Here’s an overview of the book:

This book was designed to be a simple non-technical guide, inexpensive enough to give to everyone in an organization, that would nonetheless introduce workers at all levels to many of the key techniques they can use to manage email more effectively and the key security and legal issues they may face. These include:

  • Filing your email automatically
  • Managing email address books
  • Making sure your address does not get picked up by spammers and…
  • Removing spam automatically when it arrives.
  • Dealing with email-borne viruses
  • Writing clear and culturally-sensitive email
  • Preventing confidential email from being intercepted and read and
  • Being aware of legal issues that may arise including sexual harassment, commercial confidentiality and breach of contract.

The book has been written to be broadly applicable to users of any e-mail system and from any country.

As organizations increasingly use email as a business-critical tool they will become vulnerable to email-borne viruses, spam, legal problems and un-manageable volumes of unnecessary messages unless they ensure that everyone – not just the IT staff and HR managers – learns some of the basic techniques outlined in this book.

There is also a “companion site”:http://www.well.com/user/derb/dealingwithemail/ for the book containing more detailed information and up to date tips.

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  1. Dang! And I bought mine at full price (Canadian, no less!)

    Still have to get it autographed, though… (hint, hint 🙂

    Comment by Harald — 23 March 2004 @ 9:16 pm

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