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2 April 2004
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I’m getting to this rather later than I wanted – back in October the LSE “published”:http://personal.lse.ac.uk/bober/home.htm the first stage of a large-scale survey designed to evaluate children’s use of the Internet here in the UK. It received a fair amount of “press coverage”:http://personal.lse.ac.uk/bober/media_coverage1.htm at the time. It is good to see a survey in this area that does more than just gather alarming statistics to suggest the Internet is full of danger for kids. While there is some stuff on the dangers to kids in the report it instead focused on the more normal uses of the Internet and suggested “schools and parents should do more to encourage children to participate in online political discussions and produce their own websites”.

Of course one of the things I hope to evaluate in my PhD is what benefits (if any) accrue to people from building their own websites.

The research is ongoing so I will let you know when the next stage is complete (hopefully in a more timely fashion!)