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16 May 2004
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Not to be left behind by “blogger’s recent improvements”:https://blog.org/archives/cat_weblogs.html#001103, Moveable Type has announced a public test of its “new version 3.0”:http://www.moveabletype.org/mt_30_beta_survey.shtml though not much information is available about what’s in it (in fact it appears the new version means more a change of architecture than additional features “at least at first”:http://www.sixapart.com/corner/archives/2004/04/wheres_the_beef.shtml#more).

Unfortunately, at the same time that they announced the beta programme they announced a change in pricing structure and if you look at the MT page where they “announce the new pricing”:http://www.sixapart.com/corner/archives/2004/05/its_about_time.shtml you will see a growing groundswell of anger – mainly about their decision to restrict the number of authors you could have for a weblog and still be able to consider it non-commercial.

To their credit, in response they have “dealt with the problem”:http://www.sixapart.com/log/2004/05/movable_type_30.shtml pretty effectively – they are now offering ‘Personal Edition Add-On’ packages that let you add more authors to their $69.95 low-end paid-for package (which covers up to five authors). I think this is fair – if you want up to three blogs for yourself alone you can download their software for free. For multiple authors on the same blog, you have to pay even if you are non-commercial, but only around $14 each.

People with earlier versions can keep using them for free, whatever configuration they have.

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