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1 June 2004

Sébastien Paquet has “written a paper”:http://radio.weblogs.com/0110772/2004/04/21.html#a1548 about the usefulness of “Internet Topic Exchange”:http://topicexchange.com/ – a rather nifty web service that lets several people with weblogs that handle trackback group their postings together by subject.

It’s a little hard to explain – for example, I create a ‘UK Media Studies’ topic exchange page, then every time I make a post that relates to that topic I add a trackback link to that page (just as if it was a weblog). Other people do likewise. Instead of checking all of their weblogs for new postings I can just check that subject page. Take a look at this “weblog research”:http://topicexchange.com/t/weblog_research/ topic exchange to see how it’s done.

Thanks to Lilia Efimova for the link.

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  1. Moreover, a feed is available for each channel so you don’t have to check the page for updates.

    And since you’re using Movable Type you can associate appropriate trackback URLs to some of your categories so that the Exchange will get notified automatically when you post to those categories.

    Comment by Seb — 2 June 2004 @ 11:34 am

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