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18 July 2004
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Thanks in part to the lobbying of the “Newington Green Action Group”:http://ngag.org/ which I helped to run for several years the council has given my local park and its surroundings a “substantial facelift”:http://community.webshots.com/album/164183779IQuNzm.

In the seven years since I moved in the neighborhood has already changed significantly – we have gained a “genuine French patisserie”:http://www.n16mag.com/issue20/p13i20.htm, a several restaurants and a “vegetarian deli”:http://www.myhackney.co.uk/hackney/restaurants-newingtongreen.htm) among other amenities. With the boost that the newly laid-out park will give, I hope what was once a neglected traffic roundabout will become the neighborhood focus it always should have been and the benefits will be felt by all who live here for generations to come.