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26 September 2004
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Search engine guru “Greg Notess”:http://notess.com/ has produced a Search Engine Overview featuring in-depth “search feature comparisons”:http://searchengineshowdown.com/features/ and frequently updated reviews of individual services. It covers directories and news search engines as well as the major search engines and ones that are now defunct. Learn all the advanced features of each search engine without having to click around the ‘advanced search help’ pages.

He doesn’t yet include “jux2”:http://jux2.com/index.php which lets you search any two of the major search engines simeultaneously or most of the other metasearch sites. Mind you none of the other metasearch sites I just checked seemed to correctly deliver all Yahoo, Google and Teoma results. “Dogpile”:http://www.dogpile.com/ for example finds Yahoo and Google at once but seems to truncate the results and didn’t find any Ask or Teoma results for my name although I know they are there.