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28 May 2005
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To my small collection on Flickr. I have to say it’s pretty astonishing to me that my 44 pictures (mostly pretty rubbish or unlikely to be interesting for anyone but myself and family) have been viewed altogether 2153 times to date. Of course several of them were taken at a wedding which would help boost pageviews…

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  1. I was taking a break this evening from writing about the Earl of Northumberland leaving his house at Newington Green to go up to Yorkshire in 1536, part of a book I am writing in my spare time, and to get back into the mood of real life as a councillor I thought I would search out political blogs, and on the first one that comes up on my search for ‘political, green, blog, London’ what do I find but pictures of old Newington Green. I take the hint, back to the book.

    Comment by claire — 7 June 2005 @ 8:27 pm

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