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1 September 2005
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A show we didn't see

A show we didn’t see
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We had a great time – we managed to cram 12 shows into three days plus a day of sight-seeing and only one of the shows was a write off. I thought about blogging to recommend some but realised 1) we wouldn’t have time to and 2) since we were there the last few days of the fringe festival it would be too late for anyone to book anything anyway.
For what it’s worth my wife liked Omid Djalili and I think Tim Minchin would be worth seeking out if you get the chance – as much for his musical talent as for his comedic gifts. Turns out he won an award so my judgement was vindicated!
We stayed at an absolutely delightful B & B we found through Festival Beds but since our hosts only let during the festival and may not be doing it in future years I can’t really recommend them either.
We both agreed that we will try to get to the festival more often in future – I always enjoy my visits.
P.S. There are several more Edinburgh (and other) pictures up on Flickr.

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  1. Glad you had a good visit up here. I’ve no idea what was going on in the image, so i’ll say nothing about it being sponsored by the copmany i bank with.

    What do you use to get your blog audio-fied? Do you just save as MP3 or do something unusual with it? (been looking at mob amr to mp3 etc)

    Might want to check out what i’m doing at http://vidyo.org – i see you’re an upmystreet fan…

    Away to check out your other edinburgh pictures ….

    Comment by Steven Livingstone — 2 September 2005 @ 12:48 am

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