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29 October 2005
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Twice in two days I had an odd reminder of the way international travel and the Internet can shake things loose from their geographical locations. Yesterday I found myself listening to Cory Doctorow’s new podcast which I read about on BoingBoing (San Francisco) but linked me to Cory’s story which was set in Toronto but dictated by Cory somewhere in East London – and I was cycling towards East London at the time I heard it.

And today I realised that Nathaniel Daw (whose funny story I just told you about) had his story, written when he was at Columbia (New York), posted up on a web server at MIT (Boston), where years later it could be found by Boing Boing (San Francisco) and read by me (London)… and I just found out he now lives just over 5 miles from me.

Dunno what it all means (I don’t have time to wrangle these idle musings into an academic paper!) but I thought I’d share it.

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