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7 April 2006
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Signs poster
I just finished watching Signs which came out on TV a few weeks ago. In my view it is one of the worst films I have seen in years – I was moved to rant about its sheer awfulness on the IMDB but I realised after having written it that there are 2,108 other people who have also written reviews. Boy has the Internet Movie Database grown! I remember it when it started more than 10 years ago as a pet project of a couple of film-mad Brits…

To save you following this link to the site here they are:

Having mostly enjoyed earlier works by M. Night Shyamalan because of their twist endings which put the whole work into a different perspective, I stuck with this right through to the end hoping that the increasingly ludicrous plot would turn out to be explained as some kind of hallucination or something. Imagine my disappointment when the incredibly stupid, unconvincing alien invasion turns out to be just what it seemed to be! Oh, and Mel Gibson’s acting is wooden, and the faith vs reason ‘subplot’ underlying the film has about as deep as a shallow puddle. The film neither scared me nor made me think. I want 106 minutes of my life back.

I’ll never watch another of his films again…