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29 August 2006

After spending much time with a friendly but unable-to-help Dell technician I seem to have figured out the problem with my wife’s laptop myself (or at least found a way around it). It seems that for some reason her wireless driver crashes the whole system when trying to handle WPA encryption but it can handle WEP encryption fine. So we’re using that now. Not too elegant, but if it works don’t mess with it as I said earlier!

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  1. This is where you needed to have a word with ‘my lad Paul’, the wonderful wireless fix-it wizard.

    He’s bizarre sometimes how is powers of recollection are able to summon forth not just the last time you had problem x but when the problem last occurred and why.

    Good IT guy, terrible dress sense .. but I suppose that comes with the job…

    Comment by Wayne Smallman — 8 October 2006 @ 4:33 pm

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