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17 December 2009

Due to recent breakages and having an income after years of studenthood I find myself looking for a bunch of consumer electronics goods at once and I’m coming to realise that:

1) Even in this most-covered commercial area, there are annoying information gaps (products that are UK/European models are much less often-reviewed than US ones).
2) Being able to find reviews of any individual product is no substitute for buyer’s guides that would help you sift through dozens of similar products by your own criteria.

So can you help me find the following?

  • A cheap (sub-£150) digital camera that is good in low-light conditions (ie shoots well indoors without a flash)
  • An inexpensive 22″ TV with reasonable speakers and (if possible) support for high resolution connection to a PC for use as a monitor (am currently considering the John Lewis 22″ or the LG22H2000)
  • A cheap mobile phone with decent calendar/organizer function (ie an up-to-date version of what Palm used to sell as an organizer alone) – preferably with keyboard – am currently considering the INQ Chat or the LG GW520 – should be on three because of their Skype support and cheap internet.

Other suggestions?

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  1. I have recently bot a Canon sd 960 iS digital elph that is 12 megapixels, and shoots wide angle as well as movies etc. I paid $277 in the us . Wait until after Xmas when everything is likely to come down as new models which come out every week with some new gimick you dont need will appesr. this one got very good reviews

    Comment by Russell Brake — 22 December 2009 @ 5:00 pm

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