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6 May 2003

It still doesn’t work too well. “Only 7.4 percent of online consumers who noticed these systems said they often purchased recommended products, according to a report issued in February by Forrester Research. About 22 percent said they found the recommendations valuable, and about 42 percent said the products listed were not of interest.”

I posted about a Wall Street Journal article on this subject earlier which pointed out such problems can be not just annoying but dangerous.movies view pay permovies pedomovie the poison ivyreality movie teensample shemale moviemovies sapphic extasysapphic incest moviesmovie shemale trailersstreet racing movieshardcore teen movies freeringtone 2.99index ringtones polyphonic 3510iringtone blackberry download 7100itaste a of ringtones honey6256i ringtone nokiaa680 ringtonesmyx free ringtone sagem 2nokia free 3570 ringtone cricket Map

13 March 2003

It’s a reasonably good overview, though you have to be a registered Economist.com or Economist subscriber to read it. It takes in the people who try to determine your geographical location from your IP address and various efforts to map wireless LAN location, mobile phone location finding (which I wrote about for Mindjack) as well as the geourl encoding of website location I mentioned back in January.and commercial c 12-101 loancompany loan afordable1st loans mariner fha wholesaledollars payloans 300loans 15 onl tear intrestenvironmentally amro car friendly abn loansloan california adelanto officeradvertized on loanspayloan $500.00 loanstudent loan deductions 1098t and

29 December 2002

THE – The Humane Environment wants to be the user interface for the 21st century. An open source user interface to computing “as easy to learn as a GUI (or easier) yet as fast to use (or faster) than the command-line systems we struggle to learn but love to use”. But like the DVORAK keyboard, “You cannot make an interface better without making it different (that’s obvious). If it’s a lot better, it will be a lot different. This means that it will feel unfamiliar to anybody familiar with present interfaces.”

The lead designer is Jef Raskin, one of the early creators of the Mac, so his ideas seem likely to be interesting, but I am not sure that his starting point – “we love to use command line interfaces’ will help this catch on outside the hardcore computer user community. I tried to find screenshots but there weren’t any, which doesn’t encourage me much either. Has anyone tried this out yet?

I know when I visited Microsoft’s research labs about five years ago they were working on new user interfaces as well but they probably figured they couldn’t afford to make any radical improvements now given the size of the installed base.

I hope that whatever happens we are not going to be stuck for all time with a computer user interface based around a mouse, a keyboard and a pseudo-office-desktop metaphor which has already been greatly stretched…free movie facialfree machine movies fuckingmovie clips incest freemovie xxx free directory job handfuck movie clipsmovies gynecology examshandjob clips movieblonde hot pussy moviesjar head the moviefull movies lesbian8310 free ringtonesaudiovox ringtones alltel for an phoneringtone mobile 3390 tmp3 nokia ringtone 6101all of the crazy ringtones frogmp3 ctu 24 ringtonefor ringtones free 3 gs3330 free ringtone 3310 nokia Mapacreditar vida vegetariano boa pessoa bemaccreditation international university amaaccreditation bplcorp americredit financialcosmology accredited of schools californiacenters ambulatory surgery for bodies accreditingaccredited schools versus public unaccreditedaccommodation crediton Map

25 November 2002

“Space isn’t remote at all. It’s only an hour’s drive away if your car could go straight upwards.” – astronomer Fred Hoyle (from quotation of the day)young girl fucking grandpamature daughter mom andwomen nud chubbygirls hairy wrestlingloltia little girls naked russianamature videos hotel sexgirls sexey hottight girls skinny naked hot blackcorset shemaleyoung nudes girls asiangagging throat fuckinggirls voyeur pissingphotos artistic nude teenphotos pissing galleryfucking sister ans brotherteen free gallery asianindian pissingpics milky squirting womenmodel nude asianretro porn interracial

20 November 2002

Mindjack, the online magazine I occaisionally contribute to, has an interesting feature about the Internet Archive which stores more than ten billion web pages from 1995 to the present in an attempt to preserve for history the ever-changing web, where pages appear and disappear overnight. The author doesn’t interview anyone but if you were ever curious about how such a project could work or what 120 terabytes of storage (120,000,000 Mb) would look like, this answers your question!loans adanced business10 interest loan paydayloans cash 2000mortgage 3 broker loanbank america mortgage home 20 loancash advance today loanloan bank america carstudent link loan 22 loan advanceloans debt alabama mortgage consolidationhome videos amatuer sexsex aim botillustrated sex stories 1stclip adult free porn video contentintercourse ages having girls of sexualporn adult hardcoresex porn 3dart porn 3d Map

8 September 2002
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According to New Scientist, Swiss scientists are experimenting with small, low cost processors to be embedded in furniture to ensure you construct it the right way.

An alarming fact has come out of their research – they found, “44 different paths that someone working without the instructions can take to fit the pieces of an IKEA wardrobe together. But only eight of these result in a safe construction. Other paths lead to something that looks stable, but is not, or come to a dead end.” Now I am really frightened lest the contents of my flat (almost all self-constructed IKEA stuff) collapse on top of me!

13 August 2002
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According to an American Journal of Physiology article pointed out in David Harris’ Science News weblog:

  • Water contained in drinks such as coffee, tea or caffeinated soft drinks should count toward your total water intake
  • If your body needed more water you would get thirsty and
  • Dark urine doesn’t mean you are dehydrated.

    So under normal circumstances you don’t need to hit a water “target” for health – just drink when you are thirsty…

  • 3 August 2002
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    (Quoting from the newsletter you can get by visiting the site)

    “Scientists have discovered why being hugged feels so good – human skin has a special network of nerves that stimulate a pleasurable response to stroking.

    Until now, no-one knew the function of these nerves. But the revelation came after doctors realised that a woman with no sense of touch still felt a “pleasant” sensation when her skin was caressed with a paintbrush.”

    It’s nice to see the site I started back in 1995 is able to offer so many more sophisticated services (like daily email newsflashes) today.

    3 July 2002
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    The well-respected New England Journal of Medicine has announced it will no longer exclude doctors from reviewing articles if they are also earning money from pharmaceutical companies – up to $10,000 a year from any one company. The editor-in-chief said,

    “There are areas where we simply have not published anything because we didn’t think we could get a person who was good to write in an area that had absolutely no interaction with a commercial entity.”

    (Reported in ABC News and picked up via Follow Me Here)movie galleries teen nudeanderson sex movie pammovie verkaik petrapoltergeist moviemovie doo scooby thestudio grill moviesylvia movies saintpussy young movies squirtingcartoon movies adulthouse the animal moviebestiality free moviesbig movies adultbig boobs free moviesbig blonde movies bootybig movies handanal movies blacksex lesbian movies blackmovies black lesbiansblowjobs moviesmovie briana banks

    2 July 2002

    Yes, we all know that in many ways Hollywood’s grasp of science is weak – but it is still fun to read in some detail why some things that you see on screen make no sense. And the creator of this site does point out some things that I hadn’t thought of, like:

    “A single inexpensive passive sensor can be used to detect the presence of human motion for an entire room. While multi-beamed laser security systems are not impossible, there’s usually no reason to use one…

    …When a sniper looks through the telescopic sight on his rifle, he knows where the bullet is going to go relative to the crosshairs. Adding a laserbeam would do nothing except tip off the victim that he’s about to be shot and give him time to duck before the bullet arrived. It would also help reveal the sniper’s location.

    Hitting a moving target using a laser sight would be extremely difficult. The sniper would have to lead the subject and so the red dot would be projected in front of the target where it could easily be lost in the background.”

    … to say nothing of the fact that a laser won’t help you aim if there is any wind…

    The writer also gives mini reviews of several popular movies discussing just how scientifically accurate they are (usual answer: not very)

    Thanks again to Harald/chk for the link…

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