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20 December 2003
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Having read Popular Photography’s “buyer’s guide”:http://www.popphoto.com/article.asp?section_id=2&article_id=780 I am now more confused than ever. It “singles out”:http://www.popphoto.com/assets/download/12182003163311.pdf the camera I wanted saying, ‘The Minolta DiMAGE Xt is a wonderful little 3.2MP camera, full of fun features. But for just about the same money these days, you can get Minolta’s DiMAGE S414, a standard compact with all the Xt’s features and more—as well as a full 4MP of resolving power.’ It’s true that the S414 – “reviewed here”:http://www.dcresource.com/reviews/cameraDetail.php?cam=460 – is about the same price with an extra MP of resolution (and seems cheaper than competing 4MP cameras) but is it cheaper for a reason? Having looked at dozens of reviews for different cameras I don’t know what to think any more…

And practical though it might be, it lacks the ‘coo what a neat little camera’ factor as well.


  1. In that price range, if you hunt around you can get the G3 or the A80, both Canon. Definitely prefer those to the Minoltas. I personally own a Canon G3, you can check its quality and range of options at http://www.vritti.net/mt/photo

    Comment by Abhimanyu Chirimar — 22 December 2003 @ 4:53 am

  2. Well, I don’t know what the prices in the sales will be like but at the moment the A80 costs about £50/$90 more than the Minolta. I think I will wait to see if any bargains come up in the post-Xmas sales…

    Comment by David Brake — 22 December 2003 @ 12:25 pm

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